Revolutionary and Approved Treatment
for Tissue Regeneration

Addressing common issues with Erectile Dysfunction, Neuropathy and More!

WaveTech™ Therapy uses a revolutionary approved technology known as Acoustic Wave Therapy to treat many conditions including erectile dysfunction, neuropathy, sports injuries, and more without the need for painkillers or downtime.

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Faster return to sports
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Long term
pain relief

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No surgery
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Significant improvement
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Acoustic wave therapy brings relief without pills or surgery

Acoustic wave therapy addresses the root cause of your condition by using high-frequency shockwaves to restore and regenerate cells, depending on the needs of your condition. Together, with its pain-free, low intensity technology and lack of harmful side effects, acoustic wave therapy is an ideal program to treat and heal various indications causing sports injuries, erectile dysfunction and more.

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Drug free & surgery free

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Totally non-invasive

Simple in-office appointments

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High success rate

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Zero downtime

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Little to no side effects

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Dr. Gabe Frank, Medical Doctor, Franchisee and advocate for WaveTech™ Therapy’s technology demonstrates how wave technology works.

Who Uses Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Is Acoustic Wave Therapy Right For You?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is an FDA approved treatment for pain reduction and FDA registered for blood flow. It’s used by doctors around the world in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology and more.

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Find Long Term Relief With WaveTech™ Therapy

I was very impressed with Wave Tech’s knowledge. The staff is very courteous and educates you in all that they do. Wave Tech came up with a specific personalized plan that met my needs perfectly. The effectiveness of their treatment is immediately noticeable. I would recommend to anyone. They will educate you, treat you very professional, and design a specialized plan that fits your needs.
Acoustic Wave Therapy Review Yuri - Wave Tech Therapy

Yuri D.

Google Review

Dealing with a boxer’s break in my right hand, i was faced with pins and screws to fix the problem. Wave Tech gave me another option and after just 3 visits, the X-Ray with my orthopedist showed the hand healing remarkably with no loss of mobility or grip strength.

Acoustic Wave Therapy Review - David

Christopher M.

Google Review

My neuropathy started 15 years ago and I religiously took 900mg of Gabapentin every day. After 4 treatments, I could tell almost immediately the therapy was working to heal my nerves. I am thrilled to say that I have not had to take Gabapentin in over a month!!
Arlene - Acoustic Wave Therapy Review

Arlene K.

Google Review

Frequently asked questions

Does acoustic wave therapy hurt?

For the majority of ailments including erectile dysfunction and neuropathy, there is zero pain to the patient throughout the simple, in-office procedure. When treating sports injury, there may be slight discomfort during the session – but you are the guide for this.

How long does acoustic wave therapy take?

Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes, meaning you’ll be in and out of the office in less than 30 minutes! We recommend 4-6 sessions, depending on the nature of condition, for optimal results.

Can I talk to someone for more information?

Of course! You can find your nearest location to schedule a free consultation here.

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