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for Erectile Dysfunction

Until recently, a man’s erectile dysfunction treatment options were limited to pills, pumps, or implants. All of these come with significant potential side effects, and never treat the underlying cause of the disease. WaveTech Therapy changes all of that.

No Downtime
Avoid Embarassing Side Effects
No Surgery or Injections
Significant Improvement
in Quality of Life

Find Relief From Pain & Embarrassment With
The All-Natural Treatment Option

Erectile dysfunction is a common medical condition, with numerous treatments available. However, wave therapy is the only FDA cleared regimen where pills and surgery are not necessary — giving you relief from erectile dysfunction without the harmful side effects and downtime.


WaveTech Therapy

Shockwave PRP PDE5i (Viagra/Cialis) Injection TriMix
High Success Rate
Standarized Protocols & Equipments
No Medical Required
Benefits last up to 2 Years
Treats Peyronie’s
No Major Adverse Effect
Improved Sensitivity
Certified Provider Network

FDA Cleared for Activation of Connective Tissues

FDA Registered for Improved Blood Flow

Pain-Free Treatment With No Downtime

Effects Last For Up To 2 Years

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Real People Share Their Stories

“Wave Tech made a tremendous difference in my life. I was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism and the care of the staff there and I highly recommend Wave Tech to anyone who wants to resume a better than normal life!”

Acoustic wave therapy reviewer - William


“Although I do not have severe ED I heard about WaveTech therapy and wanted to learn more. I had two treatments and it has helped me. I feel like the clock has been turned back. I’m over 50yo and in my opinion every man my age could use a tuneup. No pills, no needles and better yet – no surgery.”

Acoustic wave therapy reviewer - Steve


“I was very impressed with WavaTech’s knowledge. The staff is very courteous and educates you in all that they do. Wave Tech came up with a specific personalized plan that met my needs perfectly. The effectiveness of their treatment is immediately noticeable. I would recommend to anyone. They will educate you, treat you very professional, and design a specialized plan that fits your needs.”


Frequently asked questions

Does acoustic wave therapy hurt?

Not at all! It is a completely pain-free, all natural regimen with zero downtime or side effects.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, not at this time. You may use your Health Savings Plan/Flexible Spending cards to pay for the appointment. We also offer financing through Advance Care with 0% APR for up to 14 months. You can apply on-site during your consultation or you can go to

Can I talk to someone for more information?

Absolutely! Find your nearest location to send your enquiry or book your first consultation to learn more – it’s free!

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