How Acoustic Wave Therapy Works

Wondering how acoustic wave therapy works? Acoustic wave therapy is a revolutionary regimen that uses low-intensity sound waves to improve conditions such as sports injury, erectile dysfunction, neuropathy and more.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is FDA Registered For Pain Reduction & Increased Blood Flow

WaveTech™ Therapy’s unique acoustic wave therapy uses low-intensity sound waves to reduce plaque and rejuvenate blood vessels, capillaries, and tissue. The results are larger vessels and less plaque which returns blood flow, activates signaling pathways, and transmits stem cells to the source. Stem cells are healing cells that begin to reverse your unhealthy condition and start rejuvenating the affected area. 

Blood vessel and nerve cells are regenerated.


Inflammation is reduced in the target area.


Stem cells (healing cells) are recruited to the area


How Acoustic Wave Therapy Works:

Acoustic wave therapy is a quick, 15-minute consultation that is pain-free and symptom-free.


How acoustic wave therapy works - step one

Location of Target Area

Our professionally trained staff use palpation in order to locate the target area to deliver the therapy precisely.


How acoustic wave therapy works - step two

Gel Application

We will apply a sufficient amount of gel to the target area in order to transfer the acoustic waves smoothly and effectively.


How acoustic wave therapy works - step three

Technology Application

The acoustic wave therapy machine is slightly pushed against the target area for 10-15 minutes depending on condition.

See It In Action

Dr. Gabe Frank, Medical Doctor, Franchisee and advocate for WaveTech™ Therapy’s technology demonstrates how wave technology works.

Who Uses Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Used In a Variety of Ways

Acoustic Wave Therapy is an FDA approved regimen for pain reduction and FDA registered for blood flow. It’s used by doctors around the world in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology and more.

You suffer from

Erectile dysfunction

You suffer from


You suffer from

Sports injury

Frequently asked questions

Can I go back to work the same day

Absolutely. There is zero downtime and no side effects, meaning you’ll be back to regular activities immediately post appointment.

Will anyone notice that I've had acoustic wave therapy?

Not at all. Wave Therapy patients typically experience no visible symptoms or negative side effects post procedure.

Does acoustic wave therapy hurt?

Not at all! The treatment is pain-free for most treatments. When treating areas of chronic pain, mild discomfort can occur, however you are the guide for tolerance during the appointment.

What To Expect On The Day of Your Appointment