What is acoustic wave therapy?

Used in Europe for decades and the subject of countless clinical studies, acoustic wave therapy is a gentle regimen that provides relief for erectile dysfunction, neuropathy, and more through the use of low intensity sound waves.

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Resume Normal Activities Without Discomfort

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Decrease Pain
& Tingling

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No surgery
or injection

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Significant improvement
in quality of life

Acoustic wave therapy brings relief without pills or surgery

Gentle, non-surgical regimen

Carries low intensity sound waves to the target area to stimulate growth

The sound waves promote regeneration and reparative processes of the cells

The science is used for a plethora of conditions including ED, neuropathy, sports injury management & more

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See It In Action!

WaveTech™ Therapy’s equipment is FDA Cleared for activation of connective tissues and FDA Registered for pain reduction and improved blood supply. Watch this video to learn more about how Acoustic Wave Therapy works.

Simple In-Office Appointment

Quick 20-minute consultation

Immediate return to normal activities

Acoustic wave therapy is done in the WaveTech™ Therapy office and is completed in just under 20 minutes. With zero downtime or side effects, you’ll be out of our office in no time with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Easy Consultation

Zero pain or discomfort
Friendly, personable staff

While the sound of the acoustic wave machine may be intimidating, the regimen itself is completely pain-free. During your first consultation, our friendly, personable staff can show you exactly what to expect to put your mind at ease. Just 20 minutes later, you’ll walk away already with a renewed sense of relief.

Learn more about how acoustic
wave therapy works

WaveTech™ Therapy uses low-intensity sound waves to stimulate and promote the regeneration of cells.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a quick, 20 minute in-office appointment that’s simple and pain-free. 

Used across sports injury, neuropathy, ED and more, WaveTech™ Therapy is a life-changing program for many.

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