How Does The Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine Work?

Acoustic wave therapy machine work

If you’re new to the world of acoustic wave therapy, you may be wondering how it all works.

How does the acoustic wave therapy machine work? 

What can I expect during treatment?

Is it safe?

In this blog post, we hope to answer all of your questions about the acoustic wave therapy machine and what you can expect during your first WaveTech™ therapy appointment.

Let’s dive in.


Acoustic wave therapy machine work

What Is the Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine?

The acoustic wave therapy machine can vary depending on your provider.

Here at WaveTech™ Therapy, we use the Urogold 100, a SoftWave™ Therapy Machine powered by TRT to deliver the most effective acoustic wave technology available.

The Urogold 100 uses all-natural soundwaves to stimulate changes within the body.

What does that mean?

This particular machine is FDA cleared for tissue regeneration and registered for pain reduction and improved blood supply.

Essentially, it targets the root cause of many ailments by creating physical changes to the cells that are causing decreased blood flow, inflammation, and calcification within the body.

Dr. Gabe Frank, Medical Doctor, Franchisee, and advocate for WaveTech™ Therapy’s technology demonstrates how the acoustic wave therapy machine works in a great video below.

Is The Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine New?

No, the technology is not new. It has been in the marketplace for over 20 years in Europe and just recently FDA cleared in the US.

Sound waves were originally used in the urological field to destroy kidney stones through a procedure known as lithotripsy.

Since then, acoustic wave therapy has been applied in many fields, including orthopedics, urology, sports medicine, cosmetics, and wound care.

It has been used for decades as an effective approach to healing the human body by stimulating the body’s natural processes for self-repair.

Does The Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine Hurt?

When you first turn the acoustic wave therapy machine on, it may sound loud and intimidating.

Don’t let it scare you!

When applied to the target area, you won’t feel any pain during the session.

When targeting chronic pain, you may feel a slight discomfort at times throughout the session, however, you will always be the guide for this. The pain comes from stimulating nerves and tissue during treatment and the repair period – it is a good sign that you are starting to heal.

The acoustic wave therapy itself is non-invasive and painless.

“I feel like the clock has been turned back. I’m over 50yo and in my opinion, every man my age could use a tune-up. No pills, no needles, and better yet – no surgery.”– Steve M. WaveTech™ Therapy Client

How does the acoustic wave therapy machine work

How Long Until I See Results?

For many WaveTech™ Therapy clients, beneficial effects are often experienced after only one or two treatments. Many clients even report immediate pain relief after one treatment.

The technology has a high success rate per clinical studies, and clients treated report being pain-free and/or have a significant reduction in pain.

On average, WaveTech™ Therapy clients go through 6-8 sessions of acoustic wave therapy for optimal results.

Your WaveTech™ Therapy professional can provide a unique action plan for your situation during your initial consultation.

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