Is There a Back Surgery Alternative?

Alternative to Back Surgery

When dealing with back pain, even a few minutes can feel like a lifetime. However, before opting for a risky surgery, there are a few back surgery alternatives you might want to explore first. 

Alternatives to Back Surgery

Back surgery often comes with a bad reputation – and for good reason.

Most traditional back surgery methods involve large cuts into the bone and tissue and involve significant down-time and recovery post-procedure. 

Not to mention that it isn’t always successful. 

While there are various alternatives to back surgery such as pills and injections, at WaveTech™ Therapy, we use a disease modification strategy to target the source of the back pain directly, rather than covering its symptoms.

Alternative to Back Surgery

Acoustic Wave Therapy for Back Pain

At WaveTech™ Therapy, we’ve helped hundreds of clients overcome chronic back pain naturally, through an advanced treatment known as acoustic wave therapy. 

Acoustic wave therapy uses low-intensity sound waves to target the areas of inflammation and pain at its root, resulting in increased blood flow, healed scar tissue, and enhanced tissue growth.

As it is an all-natural treatment, it comes with zero downtime or side effects, and you’re able to resume daily activities immediately.

Typically, clients find relief as quickly as the first session and see results for up to two years post their last session. 

Depending on the root cause of your back pain, acoustic wave therapy can be a successful alternative to back surgery to alleviate your pain long term.

Where To Find An Acoustic Wave Therapy Office

At WaveTech™ Therapy, we know how agonizing it is to live with chronic pain. 

For many clients, it’s nearly impossible to live without disruption to your routine. 

And while they may be temporarily helpful, most traditional chronic pain treatments – painkillers, therapy, and surgery – rarely provide long-term relief.

At WaveTech™ Therapy, we offer a complimentary initial consultation for you to speak 1:1 with our highly trained professionals to see if acoustic wave therapy can be a good fit for you. 

You can find your nearest WaveTech™ Therapy office by using our map here.

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