Find an ED Clinic Near Me

ED Clinic Near Me

If you’ve been struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED), then you’re probably aware of the myriad of pills, injections, and even surgical options that are available to help you find relief. 

Unfortunately, many of the traditional ED treatments come with a long list of side effects, a lengthy amount of downtime, and rarely see long-term results. 

WaveTech™ Therapy – the revolutionary ED clinic with offices along the East Coast – is here to change that. 

WaveTech™ Therapy is an advanced ED clinic that uses a revolutionary approved technology known as Acoustic Wave Therapy to treat erectile dysfunction at the root cause- without the need for painkillers or downtime.

Acoustic wave therapy uses low-intensity sound waves to promote healing and new nerve cell growth which is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction in a majority of men.

As seen on the popular television show, The Doctors, acoustic wave therapy has been used for decades in Europe to treat a number of ailments including erectile dysfunction, neuropathy, chronic pain, sports injuries, and more.

ED Clinic Near Me - WaveTech Therapy

What Can You Expect At Your ED Clinic Appointment?

At WaveTech™ Therapy’s ED Clinic, your first consultation is on us. 

That’s right, it’s completely free!

We want to make sure it’s the right course of action for your unique needs. 

During your first consultation, you’ll meet with one of our friendly specialists who will sit down and assess your condition, and plan out a course of action to help you achieve the relief you are longing for. 

You can become familiar with the equipment, and the process, and even begin your first 15-minute session while you’re there. 

The process is completely pain-free with zero downtime, meaning you’ll be able to resume normal activities immediately after leaving the office.

Where To Find An ED Clinic Near You

WaveTech™ Therapy has a number of offices across the United States and is rapidly expanding. 

Use our directory below to find the nearest ED clinic in your area. 

Don’t see one near you? Reach out to our team to see if we have an office coming near you soon. 

ED Clinic in Greensboro, North Carolina

WaveTech™ Therapy Greensboro

802 Green Valley Rd # 214

Greensboro, NC 27408

+1 336-908-0100

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ED Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina

WaveTech™ Therapy Raleigh

2605 Blue Ridge Rd Suite 320
Raleigh, NC 27607

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ED Clinic in Knoxville, TN

WaveTech™ Therapy Knoxville

2100B Southbridge Pkwy Suite 260

Birmingham, AL 35209

+1 205-777-3736

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ED Clinic in Birmingham, AL

WaveTech™ Therapy Birmingham

109 S Northshore Dr Suite 402

Knoxville, TN 37919

+1 865-387-9534

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