How to Improve Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

How to Improve Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

We can’t do everything better than we once did when we were in our 20s. Can you run as fast as you did during your school years? Are you as strong as you used to be?

 For most of us, the answer is no.

Being unable to sustain an erection sufficient for a satisfactory sexual experience, or erectile dysfunction (ED), can be stressful for everyone in the relationship. Unfortunately, ED can affect anyone regardless of age, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t find alternative ways to enjoy sexual acts. 

Whilst many pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of ED have populated the markets, we’re here to shed light on the natural remedies you can incorporate to better your sexual health.

The downside of taking medications

The little blue pill that came to market in 1998 changed the lives of many, but at what cost? Medications that treat ED, including Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil), are pharmaceutical products that work by relaxing the smooth muscle around the penis to help improve blood flow and sustain stronger erections. They’re mostly well tolerated, but like any medication, they can have several side effects and downsides that render them either dangerous or ineffective.

For one, they work directly on the blood vessels. This means that they can interact with other medications used to improve cardiac activity (such as nitrates) and worsen certain medical conditions. Anyone who has a history of any cardiac condition, angina, in particular, should be cautious when deciding to commence pharmacological therapy for ED.

These tablets too have side effects which although mostly mild, can be limiting. The most notable side effects attributed to ED medication include:

  • Headaches
  • Heartburn
  • Bowel changes
  • Visual changes
  • Hearing loss
  • Long-lasting erection

Anybody who has an underlying health issue that makes taking ED medications dangerous, or is wary of developing any of the above side effects should let their doctor know before commencing treatment. Alternatively, they can turn to natural remedies that provide similar benefits without harm.

How to improve erectile dysfunction naturally

Natural remedies for ED have gained popularity over the years, although more research may be necessary to confirm their safety and efficacy. Natural remedies can be split into two main categories: lifestyle modifications and external therapy that is purported to improve blood flow and better sexual performance.

Lifestyle modifications

ED caused by physical reasons such as obesity, high blood pressure, and smoking can benefit from basic lifestyle interventions that can help improve symptoms and contribute to the overall improvement in your health. Such lifestyle interventions or modifications include:

Stopping smoking

Cigarette smoking is strongly associated with ED. Certain compounds found in cigarette smoke can impair the function of the arteries in the penis, thereby increasing a smoker’s risk of developing ED. Although current literature is yet to reach a verdict on the benefits of smoking cessation with regard to ED, many studies have demonstrated improvement in ED outcomes after stopping smoking.

The severity of ED increases progressively with the duration in which a person has been smoking, and how heavily they smoke. As such, when stopping smoking, it is important to note that the ED benefits of smoking cessation would not be immediately apparent, but will instead show over a period of 2-12 weeks depending on individual circumstances. If you want help quitting smoking, be sure to visit your local pharmacy or doctor.

Physical exercise and diet

Physical interventions and nutrition have been recognized as critical factors that influence erectile function. Carrying out regular physical activity – even just walking half an hour a day – and eating a healthier, balanced diet can drastically reduce your risk for ED and improve your overall health. 

Maintaining a healthier lifestyle can help reduce the burden of high blood pressure, give you better control of your blood sugar, and tackle obesity – all of which are risk factors for ED.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

By harnessing the power of shock waves, we can help target and focus wave energy on a specific anatomical region. Acoustic wave therapy utilizes low-intensity shock waves to treat ED. Unlike pharmacological ED treatment, acoustic wave therapy is entirely natural and works on the premise of body restoration.

By firing these shock waves with pinpoint accuracy, we’re able to trigger the process of neovascularization, in which new blood vessels begin to form. Over time, these blood vessels strengthen and improve the blood flow to the penis, encouraging the maintenance of stronger erections. The best part? The process is completely pain-free.

Bring yourself up, naturally

There’s hope for all men struggling with ED that do not want to face the burden of side effects and complications associated with pharmacological therapy. And that hope is acoustic wave therapy. Interested? Find your nearest location that offers acoustic wave therapy for ED here and book your free consult. The natural remedy to better sexual health is a mere click away.