How To Increase Male Libido Naturally?

increase male libido naturally

In this blog, you’ll discover different practical ways on how to increase male libido naturally.

The sex drive, also known as libido, is a person’s desire for sexual intimacy. Men might suffer from low libido or poor sex drive at any time in their lives. Unfortunately, there is no medical definition of what makes a high or low sexual desire.

Each man’s libido is unique. It is normal for a man’s sexual desire to fluctuate throughout time, and most men experience a decrease in libido as they age. On the other hand, it is also possible to have a healthy sex life at any age.

When considering both underlying reasons and ways to increase male libido naturally, it is a complicated matter. Various physical and psychological reasons can cause a decrease in sexual desire. Conversely, men may enhance their libido by changing their lifestyle, using supplements, or other strategies. Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of scientific information on herbs, vitamins, and diet, and the research that does exist is of varying quality.

Underlying Cause

It can be a good idea to discuss low libido with a healthcare provider first. A healthcare provider will determine if there is an underlying issue. Low sexual desire might be linked to low testosterone, chronic pain, or erectile dysfunction. 

Inability to sustain an erection for long enough to have satisfying sex can cause a man to feel anxious about sex, resulting in a lack of sexual desire. Better sexual experiences, on the other hand, will improve a man’s desire for sex and hence his libido.

While most erectile dysfunction therapies merely mask the symptoms, a relatively newer therapy on the market, known as acoustic wave therapy, uses all-natural low-intensity sound waves to target erectile dysfunction at its root cause.

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This process uses sound waves to begin to stimulate changes and tissue regeneration within the body. Using non-invasive, low-intensity acoustic waves results in the new formation of blood vessels a.k.a. neovascularization. These new blood vessel formations inside a penis improve blood flow encouraging stronger and longer erections. Acoustic wave therapy can also promote natural and spontaneous erections.

Can Certain Foods Help Boost Men’s Libido?

When it comes to finding a natural solution to a problem, food, herbs or supplements are typically at the top of the list. There is a lot of information on the internet that claims particular foods or supplements increase male sexual desire. However, there is no compelling scientific evidence relating diet or supplements to libido. Another thing to bear in mind with supplements is how they interact with medications. As a result, before taking any supplements, it is critical to read the labels on the package.

Does Exercise Increase Sex Drive?

It has been proved that exercise increases libido. Physical activity improves sex drive in a variety of ways, including improved cardiovascular health and mood, greater sympathetic nervous system activity, and endocrine system improvement. 

Exercising is a terrific natural libido stimulant that one can enjoy, whether it’s yoga, running, or playing their favorite sport. Studies showed that exercising 2.5 hours a week can increase testosterone levels by 15% and decrease instances of hypogonadism by 46%. Another fact is that losing abdominal fat can improve blood flow to the penis and result in better erections.

How Does Sleep Affect Sex?

A good night’s sleep is essential for a productive day and sleep has far-reaching effects on wellbeing. Sleep disturbance has been linked to a variety of health issues, and because of its impact on mental health, lack of sleep can also be a barrier to sex. Sleep deprivation and fragmentation can aggravate psychological problems including depression and anxiety. Because of their impact on sexual desire and arousal, these conditions are frequently linked to male sexual dysfunction. Therefore, professional guidance on treatment options should be sought in the case of a serious sleep disorder, such as insomnia.

Alcohol Intake and Libido

From blood flow to organ function, alcohol can have a detrimental influence on elements of the body that are vital for sexual function and drive. It does this by interfering with brain-to-genital signal transmission. Men may find it difficult to ejaculate after a night of excessive drinking, or they may ejaculate too soon. It is better to limit yourself to one glass of wine or cocktail, even if an increase in desire after drinking is obvious. When it comes to alcohol and sexual function, more is not better.


Low libido is a multidimensional issue with emotional, psychological, and physical manifestations. Knowing the reason might help to choose the best therapy.

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