How Does Wave Therapy Help Chronic Pain?

wave therapy help chronic pain

If you’re someone who has been suffering from chronic pain, you’ve likely tried everything under the sun to get rid of the pain.

Unfortunately, you’re also likely aware that most chronic pain treatment relies on medications (opioids, anti-inflammatories) and carries significant amounts of side effects and dangers.

In today’s blog, we’re going to introduce an increasingly popular, non-invasive treatment known as acoustic wave therapy, and how does wave therapy help chronic pain and relieve its ache for good.

wave therapy help chronic pain

What Is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a popular, all-natural treatment that uses low-intensity sound waves to target the root source of inflammation and pain [at its root – duplicative], resulting in increased blood flow, healed scar tissue, and enhanced tissue growth.

As seen recently on The Doctors, the professionals at WaveTech™ Therapy use a pain-free, gentle sound wave machine to stimulate the regeneration of cells within the soft tissue where the pain originates.

How Does Acoustic Wave Therapy for Chronic Pain Work?

Acoustic Wave Therapy works by emitting low-intensity sound waves to the target area in order to stimulate and regenerate new cells. 

When cells in the body are exposed to low-intensity sound waves, several beneficial effects occur:

  • New blood vessel formation
  • Reversal of chronic inflammation
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Elimination of plaque build up
  • Release of trigger points

Logistically, acoustic wave therapy is delivered in quick, 15-minute sessions at the WaveTech™ Therapy office over a 6-8 week period. 

During each session, the therapist will use palpation in order to locate the target area to deliver the therapy precisely, and apply a sufficient amount of gel to the target area in order to transfer the acoustic waves smoothly and effectively.

Next, the acoustic wave therapy machine is slightly pushed against the target area for 10-15 minutes depending on condition.

You’ll be in and out of the office within half an hour, with zero side effects or downtime experienced.

What Areas of Chronic Pain Can Wave Therapy Treat?

Wave therapy helps relieve chronic pain in a range of areas including the shoulder, knee, back, hip, and elbow. 

Used in Europe for decades, wave therapy is also used to treat a variety of other conditions such as erectile dysfunction and neuropathy.

You can schedule a complimentary consultation with your nearest WaveTech™ Therapy office to see if acoustic wave therapy is right for you.

How Effective is Wave Therapy for Chronic Pain?

wave therapy help chronic pain

The use of acoustic waves to successfully treat chronic pain is supported by a wealth of clinical experience and scientific evidence.

Most recent independent studies report a success rate up to 95% at reducing the intensity of pain that patients are experiencing.

In fact, many WaveTech™ Therapy clients find relief immediately after the first session

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