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At WaveTech Therapy’s Greensboro men’s clinic, we are dedicated to providing an all-natural, comprehensive approach to men’s health focusing on issues such as erectile dysfunction, chronic pain, neuropathy, and more.

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Finally, A Men’s Clinic That Won’t Throw Pills At Your Condition

While they may be temporarily helpful, most traditional mens health treatments – painkillers, therapy, and surgery – come with a long list of side effects & rarely provide long-term relief. At WaveTech Therapy, we use a revolutionary treatment known as acoustic wave therapy to treat the root cause of an array of conditions at the source. 

Mens Clinic - Greensboro NC
Mens Clinic in Greensboro NC

All-Natural Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction, Chronic Pain, & More

At WaveTech™ Therapy’s men’s clinic in Greensboro, NC, we use a Disease Modification Strategy that works to treat the source of your condition directly, rather than covering its symptoms. Acoustic wave therapy uses low-intensity sound waves to treat the areas of inflammation and pain at its root, resulting in increased blood flow, healed scar tissue, and enhanced tissue growth.

Is Acoustic Wave Therapy Right For You?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is an FDA approved treatment for pain reduction and FDA registered for blood flow. It’s used by doctors around the world in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology and more.

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Erectile dysfunction

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