How Much Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Cost?

Acoustic Wave Therapy Cost

Acoustic wave therapy is an exciting, breakthrough treatment option in the field of regenerative medicine, proven effective for erectile dysfunction, chronic pain, and more without the need for needles, medicine, or anesthesia.

Due to its long-lasting effects, it may prove even more cost-effective than more traditional options that require refills or expensive surgeries.

At WaveTech™ Therapy, acoustic wave therapy can cost between $500 and $1500 per session. The number of sessions you require will depend on your unique situation, and most clients can expect to see results for up to 2 years.

Rather than risking tens of thousands of dollars on expensive surgeries, or recurring medicine with unpleasant side effects, acoustic wave therapy is a viable, all-natural option for anyone struggling with erectile dysfunction, chronic pain, and more.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Powered by TRT OrthoGold 100, WaveTech™ Therapy uses low-intensity sound waves to target the root cause of erectile dysfunction, chronic pain, neuropathy, and sports injuries such as Tennis elbow.

TRT OrthoGold 100 WaveTech Therapy

The therapy has been used in the United States since the 1980s, however, it has been successfully used for a number of studies in Europe for decades.

Unlike traditional medicine that merely masks the condition, acoustic wave therapy encourages the body’s natural healing process by stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation and cellular repair to regenerate damaged tissue.

Rather than treat the symptoms of lingering ailments, acoustic wave therapy targets the root problem at its source.

It’s an all-natural option with no known side effects, zero downtime, and long-lasting results that can be enjoyed for up to two years.

Watch how WaveTech™ Therapy uses acoustic wave therapy to decrease plaque, increase blood flow, and encourage cellular repair within the body.

Acoustic Wave Therapy vs. Other Options

If you have been struggling to ease chronic pain or increase your sexual performance for a number of years, then you are aware of the side effects that one may experience when taking male enhancement pills or chronic pain medication.

According to Mayo Clinic, typical side effects for male enhancement pills such as Viagra and Cialis include headache, indigestion, visual changes or blurred vision, runny nose, back pain, and even hearing or vision loss in more serious situations.

With acoustic wave therapy, there are no known side effects when used to target erectile dysfunction, chronic pain, and other frustrating situations. You’ll be in and out of the WaveTech™ Therapy office in less than 30 minutes, with zero downtime or side effects to follow.

Compared to expensive hospitalizations or life-long medication with harmful side effects, acoustic wave therapy is a great, long-lasting alternative to try in cases of erectile dysfunction, neuropathy, and more.

Book Acoustic Wave Therapy Consultation

The exact cost of WaveTech™ Therapy’s acoustic wave therapy will vary depending on your unique situation.

Our friendly technicians will be able to provide a complete quote during your first, free consultation. Financing is also available through your nearest location.

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“I feel like the clock has been turned back. I’m over 50yo and in my opinion, every man my age could use a tune-up. No pills, no needles, and better yet – no surgery.”– Steve M. WaveTech™ Therapy Client