What the IEFF-5 Score can tell you about your Erectile Dysfunction

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What Is The IIEF-5 Score?

International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) is a diagnostic tool developed by researchers over 30 years ago. Today, this assessment is still used to diagnose erectile dysfunction symptoms and detect specific treatment options by measuring a man’s current sexual function. Also known as the IIEF-5 score, this exam is something you’ll most likely encounter if you’re visiting your physician about ED symptoms. We’ll break down what you can expect when taking this test.

What Does your IEFF-5 Score Tell You?

Even though it sounds like it may be a painful procedure, the IIEF-5 is actually a self-administered questionnaire. Composed of multiple-choice questions, patients are allowed to take the test on their own. It was designed in this manner to allow a patient’s complete honesty without having him feel embarrassed when discussing such a sensitive topic.

Although we’ve made great bounds as a society in openly discussing ED without any stigmas or shame, it can still be difficult for a man to openly talk about his symptoms.

The abridged version of the International Index of Erectile Function is a shortened version of the exam used as a first step in evaluating erectile dysfunction. This shorter version is named the IEFF-5 and contains the five questions below. Patients are asked to consider their experience with the following over the past four weeks:

This test isn’t conclusive and a professional will oftentimes ask further questions, examine the current medication you’re taking, along with your past medical records.

The IIEF-5 is meant to establish a baseline, monitor changes, and extract sexual function metrics rather than an end-all-be-all diagnosis. If you’re concerned about the results from the IIEF-5, we recommend speaking to a WaveTech™ Therapy professional to receive a comprehensive overview of ED and solutions tailored to your unique situation.

IIEF-5 Score Erectile Dysfunction

Find Your IIEF-5 Score in 60 Seconds

Here at WaveTech™ Therapy, we made it even easier to find your IIEF Score using our online questionnaire.

Using our online IIEF quiz, it only takes 60 seconds to complete and understand your score.

Take the IIEF-5 Quiz Here.

How To Book Your Erectile Dysfunction Appointment

If you receive a score that indicates you may struggle with Erectile Dysfunction, we recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation with your nearest WaveTech™ Therapy office.

At WaveTech™ Therapy, we use an all-natural therapy, known as acoustic wave therapy, to target the root cause of erectile dysfunction at the cells. Contrary to traditional ED options, acoustic wave therapy is a long-term, symptom-free way to heal ED without the side effects of medication or the exorbitant cost of surgery.

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